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Controlling Nuisance Mammals in Illinois

Did you know?

Many of the mammals in Illinois are legally protected
by the Illinois Wildlife Code.

CoyoteMuskratOpossumRed Fox

With over 30 years experience, we offer services in the capture and removal of nuisance wild animals, including, but not limited to bats, racoon, opossum, skunks, moles, beaver, coyote, fox, squirrels, cats (wild), mink, and groundhogs.

All too often, wild animals adapt to urban sprawling and find it easier to move in with humans, rather than move out of an area. We can remedy this situation utilizing the safest, most effective, and most humane methods of capture, removal, abatement, and / or exclusion.


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Jim Anderson
Jim Anderson

PH: (815) 953-4529 (Cell)
(815) 932-4029


An Illinois DNR licensed Class A
Commercial Nuisance Wildlife Control Operative
working in the greater Kankakee area.

We can help you capture, and
remove nuisance animals. We can even repair any damage to your structure.

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